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WS SMS Manager

More Advanced SMS System (Two-Factor Authentication)

SMS Manager
SMS Manager is an advanced SMS System which offers you the ability to automatically send SMS Messages to your clients on certain events (such as: SMS for client login, SMS for new invoice, SMS for overdue invoice, etc.). This system also gives you the ability to provide your customers and admins with two-factor authentication, which will send a code to your clients/admins phone upon login, and before proceeding to the client area/admin area, you would need to enter the provided code.

The SMS Manager offers many features which are beneficial to many companies who use WHMCS as their billing system.


  • Supports WHMCS Blend Template
  • Supports WHMCS Templates Six & Twenty-One
  • SMS Settings - Configure SMS gateways settings and SMS alert message templates
  • Client Login - Send an SMS to your client when someone logs into their account and Sub-Account can Send SMS
  • Client Registration - Let your clients know that their account is setup and that they will receive SMS Alerts
  • Client Password Change - Alert your client when their password has been changed to their client area
  • Client Affiliate Activation - Notify your client that their affiliate account has been activated
  • Client enables the 2FA they need to verify first
  • Client notification - Choose SMS Notifications To Receive
  • Clients can Opt-out / Opt-in of SMS Notification (Meets GDPR Requirements)
  • Cancellation Request - Let your client know that you have received their cancellation request
  • Support Ticket Response - Send SMS alert to client on admin response
  • Support Ticket Change Status - SMS Alert for Support Ticket Close/Open
  • Invoice Created - Alert your client that an invoice has been generated
  • Invoice Paid - Thank your client for the payment
  • Invoice Reminder - Let your client know that the invoice is almost due
  • Invoice First Overdue - Let your client know that their invoice is now overdue
  • Invoice Second Overdue - Remind your client that the invoice is overdue
  • Invoice Third Overdue - Send another reminder that the invoice is still overdue
  • Module Create - Notify your client that their service is now active
  • Module Suspend - Alert your client that the service is suspended
  • Module Un-suspend - Notify your client that the service is now reactivated
  • Module Password Change - Alert your client that their service password has been changed
  • Module Terminated - Notify your client that their service is now terminated
  • Domain Registration - Let your client know that their domain is successfully registered
  • Domain Transfer - Let your client know that you have transferred their domain name to your company
  • Domain Renewal - Notify your client that their domain has been renewed
  • Domain First, Second, Third Overdue - Notify your client that their domain Overdue
  • Domain name added to paid invoice notification
  • Create different language of each SMS Template
  • Set your own personalized message for each SMS message which is sent
  • Search clients, and view all sent SMS Messages
  • Resend SMS Messages which have previously been sent
  • Send manual SMS Messages to any mobile number with a custom message
  • Sender ID - Display your company name as the sender of an SMS Messages (Same Gateway don't supported)
  • Set mobile numbers for your admins, so that they can use two-factor authentication when logging in to the admin area
  • Admin chooses which SMS Messages a client can/will receive
  • Admin - Send an SMS to your Staff when someone Open Ticket, Order Place, Service Create, Unsupend, Terminated, Ticket Reply, Ticket Close, Cancellation Request
  • Admin - Can see the Client log in the client profile log page
  • Admin notifications - Admin Login, Domain registration, Domain registration failed, Domain Renewal
  • Admin can see what client enable/disable for notification
  • Admin Invoice Payment Notification
  • Schedule SMS Send
  • Enable Client Notifications to allow admin to enable/disable client page
  • Gateway by customer country (multi gateway)
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Mass SMS
  • View Log
  • Show the number of characters of the message as we type
  • Send SMS from Client Summary Page
  • Send SMS Using Client's Phone Number Field Or Custom Filed
  • Safe Times: Ability to send SMS at X hours from Cron Job run (Schedule SMS - gateway must support this)
  • Balance Credits from selected SMS Gateway
  • Sent SMS to Client Birthday Message


  • 2FA Client Area Login & Sub-Contact Login
  • 2FA admin Area Login
  • 2FA Expire after x minutes
  • Verify New Client Accounts With SMS (Pro) (Coming Soon)
  • Verify New Orders With SMS (Pro) (Coming Soon)

Supported SMS Gateways Providers: (Integrated SMS Gateways)


  • WHMCS 8.9.x & 8.10.x Click Here
  • PHP 7.4 & 8.1
  • Ioncube Loaders Support v11.x & 12.x
  • allow_url_fopen Enable
  • This need to be enabled (Tick to enable international phone number input interface and automatic formatting)

Compatible Templates - Click Here

Other Themes not full tested yet so I am not sure if it works or not. You can contact me first Click Here

WS SMS Manager - View Screenshots

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Source code version can be installed on any number of domains provided you (your company) own(s) them. You are not allowed to sell or give away the module to others without our permission. Free support and updates for the first year. Once that year ends you will receive an invoice renewal for $99.99 for the year. You will continue to receive support and update to our module release. If you do not want to continue, please email us to cancel the invoice - Optional Renewals. Orders will be manually reviewed and activated within the next 8-24 hours.

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