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Each year listed below shows the WHMCS Modules I have released in that year?


APC / Bandwidth Graphic (Discontinuation)
Customer Reviews rename to Testimonials in 2016
Monitoring Module rename to Server Monitoring in 2016


Blog WHMCS (Discontinuation)
Partial PayPal Payment
OpenSRS goMobi (Discontinuation)
Licensing Purge (Discontinuation)
OpenSRS Sitelock (Discontinuation)
OpenSRS GeoTrust Malware (Discontinuation)
Enom goMobi  (Sales to a private company right)
Softaculous NOC (Discontinuation)
Close Account


OpenSRS Balance
OpenSRS Google AdWords (Discontinuation)
Ticket Number Restriction
Ticket Statistics (Discontinuation)
Client Notifications
SpamExperts (Sales to spamexperts.com)
Admin Log Purge rename to Log Purge in 2015
Auto Ticket Fraud Order
Reseller Panel (Discontinuation)
IP Monitor
Escalate Ticket
Social Media  (Discontinuation)


Email Verification Plus rename to Email Verification Pro in 2017
Cancellation Addon
Dev Tracker (Discontinuation)
Pingdom (Discontinuation)
Client Username
Ticket Filter (Discontinuation)


Order Notes
Affiliates History & Balance Report
Amazon S3 Backup
Seal Generated rename to Seal Generator in 2016
Link Directory
Account Validation (Discontinuation)
Existing Domains
Failed Message Detector (Discontinuation)
PayPal Plus rename to PayPal Extended in 2017


Newsletter  (Discontinuation)
Agree Terms
Login Verify Pin
Cancel Expired Domain Invoice rename to Cancel Invoice in 2016
eNom SiteLock rename to Enom Security in 2017


DomainsBot (Discontinuation)
FastTrack Ticket
Client Login Notify rename to Client Notify
Email Auto Authorization
Uptime Status
Client Limitation
eNom GeoTrust Anti-Malware rename to Enom Security in 2017
Enom DNS Hosting
eNom Symantec Safe Site (Discontinuation)
All Active Products (Discontinuation)
All Suspended Products (Discontinuation)
Overdue Active Product (Discontinuation)
Security Pin rename to Support Pin in 2017
Internal Message Board (Discontinuation)
Internal Tutorial Base (Discontinuation)
Stripe rename to Stripe Bitcoin in 2018
SMS Manager


Gateway Fees
Products Discount
Phone Verification
Client Verification
Client Deletion
New Order Ticket
Appointment Scheduler
Scheduled Price Increase
Quote Reminder rename to Reminder in 2017
Affiliates Plus
Display Client Overview
Ticket Notes


Hidden Product