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WS Client Manager 6.1.2

Hidden all Product or domain that is terminate/cancel and many more

This module will hide any product/domain name that is suspended/terminate/expire/canceled on the customer side but not on the admin side. Also, this module can allow your staff to change the user password by entering a new password and send it to the user so that he/she can login. Staff can do manual as the old WHMCS did before. plus more features you can see below. Top 10


  • Multiple Language Support
  • Supports WHMCS Blend Template
  • Supports WHMCS Templates Six & Twenty-One
  • Hide/Show Domain Name Expire
  • Hide/Show Product / Addons that are canceled or terminated
  • Ability to specify the number of days past expiration to begin hiding products/services/Domain Name
  • Hide/Show Domain Email Preferences
  • Disable hide inactive clients on admin area
  • Change password form clients > Manage Users
  • Change password from client profile > Users tab
  • Hide/Show Support Ticket Priority
  • Open a Ticket When Module Unsuspend Fails
  • Open a Ticket When a Service Renewal Fails
  • Show Upgrade/Downgrade services widget in client area
  • Ability to show custom fields at the top of support tickets in the admin area
  • You disable more than 1 admin viewing any given page for Support Ticket
  • You disable more than 1 admin viewing any given page for Client Order
  • Hide/Show Order Notes: (Staff can write a note that the order needs to be waited for, etc. Now, when another admin staff opens this order, he/she can see that notes and can inform the customer about the delay or share additional information based on the notes)
  • Hide/Show Ticket Notes (Notes will always appear at the top of the ticket and can use Staff Mentions)
  • Hide/Show Auto Accept Free Orders
  • Hide/Show Auto Accept Paid Orders
  • Hide/Show Display Client Overview (Client to know that when they login they can see the last IP address to make sure that they are the ones that logged at the last time)
  • Hide/Show Auto Login Panel (Allows your customer to login automatically from the client area that way they don't need to click any place more and also automatically login to the DirectAdmin or cPanel via the WHMCS)
  • Hide/Show Admin can see all Subscribe or Unsubscribe
  • Hide/Show Partial PayPal Payment to Client Area. (In your view the invoice screen, you are able to provide the option for your clients to make partial payments towards an invoice. This can be very useful in the situation where you have customers paying off a large invoice, or you wish the client to make a deposit before the commencement of a task. This only work with PayPal Basic)
  • Enable Maintenance Mode while daily cron job running (When a cronjob is started, puts the site into maintenance mode until the cronjob is finished)
  • Hide/Show Admin Area Advanced Badges. (More advance badge then WHMCS Badge Default)
  • Hide/Shows Donation (Perfect online fundraising platform to increase your online donations, manage donors, and gain insight on your effort - all from directly within your WHMCS website)
    1. Show in Client Summary that he/she donation
    2. Client can see what donation they did
    3. Show the clients that did donation in the addon page
    4. Sent a email when they made a donate that said Thank You Of Your Donation
  • Disable Store Credit Cards (When a customer checkout, when they enter their credit card number, the system defaults to saving their card info which then sets it up to attempt to auto capture their next payment when the next invoice is generated. With this it remove the Credit card automatically)
  • Client can search products or invoices (clients to be able to search through their products for a keyword and/or search invoices for line item keywords)
  • Restricted Products/Groups (Allows selected groups to view and purchase select products/product groups)
  • Hide/Show Domain Groups (Will help you to get organized your domains, create as much as you want groups and add a color to each of them)
    1. Assign a domain to a group
    2. If the domain group does not assign then show "ungrouped"
    3. Group domains of clients but also add what kind of hosting package he/she offers to his/her clients. Its not connected to hosting packages within WHMCS though
  • Hide/Show Profile Photo
    1. Client Show Profile Photo in a client account and client account detail
    2. Client Show Profile Photo in ticket submitting and ticket view
    3. Allow clients to upload profile photos in 3 options from the computer, Gravatar and from URL & Admin Staff can add they photo by Gravatar only
    4. Administrative can enable/disable any of the options for the profile photos
    5. Administrative area to allow the modification or deletion of client set photos
  • Set Client/User Match Emails (When a client email is updated, it should change the user email, and if the user email is updated, it should change the client email)
  • Automatically change the client names to capitalized or small capitalized
  • Enable Open Ticket Limit: Limits customers to x tickets and gives them a message stating "you have already sent x tickets you need to wait for a response from customer service to send another ticket"
  • Enable Hidden Client Email Staff: Option to hide the e-mail of the Client, while viewing the Ticket
  • Client Activity Log: Client can view a list of all activities log
  • Delete Products/Services
  • Hide/Show Client Notify (Coming Soon)
  • Hide/Show Share Notes (Coming Soon)


  • WHMCS 8.8.x, 8.9.x & 8.10.x Click Here
  • PHP 7.4, 8.1 & 8.2
  • Ioncube Loaders Support v12.x & 13.x
  • Enable allow url fopen

Compatible Templates - Click Here

Other Themes not full tested yet so I am not sure if it works or not. You can contact me first Click Here

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