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Licensing Piracy



Licensing one of our products means you purchase the right to use the software on a single computer. When you purchase one of WHMCS Services products you will receive a license by email.

Do not install single user license on 2 or more server

Do not share your serial number with others

You may install a copy of the software and register it with the same serial number only if you own domain name only.

Avoid "Crack Site"

Piracy is the illegal distribution of the software, for example when you put copies on other machines or pass our software along to colleagues.

Do not install or use serial numbers found at non-WHMCS Services web site.

Crackers may include malicious or harmful code into apparently harmless programs and offer them as free "cracked software", "crackz", "patches" or "cracked serial numbers". By downloading and using illegal materials from "Crack Sites" you have no guarantee that it's virus-free. Scanning with anti-virus program does not help, "cracks" can include unknown "Trojan horse" that will install on your computer. Like its legendary namesake the "Trojan horse" conceals a destructive purpose: while running, such a program may destroy files or create a "back door" entry point that enables an intruder to access your system. "Back door" allows remote intruder to monitor activity of your PC while you are online, steal private data like credit card numbers, contents of your emails, etc.

Keep your serial number secret

Once you have purchased the license, your serial number can get stolen and used by other individuals to install unlicensed copies of the software. WHMCS Services keeps track of all serial numbers and who they licensed to.

Do not install unlicensed copies

Depending on the license you have purchased SEAT License entitles you to install and use the program on SINGLE computer only and SITE License entitles you to use the program on UNLIMITED number of computers at SINGLE facility. Installing extra copies of the software using single SEAT license is illegal. You need to purchase additional SEAT licenses. Some license agreements allow one backup copy of software to be made, provided the backup copy is not installed or used on any computer. It's not allowed for multiple copies to be made, and in no event can a backup copy be sold.

Piracy stifles innovation. The money spent to combat software piracy, and the revenues lost to piracy, could be spent on research and development. Everyone suffers from the acts of a few.