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WS Backup Module 1.0.0 New

Run Your Own Backup/Storage Service

Do you have a webhosting business and are looking for ways to expand your business without investing heavily. How about a new type of software that can use your existing resource and open a new avenue?

The Backup Module allows you to expand your web hosting business by adding Backup Services to your list of offerings. This module will allow your clients to create website backup, database backup on your Dedicated Server or form remote .

To backup your website, just enter your FTP or SFTP details and backups will be scheduled on a daily. It makes it easy to store and retrieve any amount of data, anytime, from anywhere. Here is a list of company that you can use also:


  • Automated daily backup for all accounts
  • Instant backup capability to run backup at any time through client panel
  • Ability for client to define the maximum amount of backup sets to keep
  • Clients can add multiple accounts to backup
  • Instant backup space provisioning (clients can add more backup space instantly)
  • Automated backup alerts notification to clients
  • Backup account is treated as a product on WHMCS; you can give it for free, or set a price
  • Automated backup account setup, suspension, termination, just like any other WHMCS server module
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Admin Create/Terminate
  • Admin Suspend/Unsuspend
  • Edit Email Template
  • Hourly, Weekly or Monthly Backups
  • You can backup MySQL only
  • Backup Files and Database
  • Supporting module call for add-ons

How it works:

  • Client sign up for the backup account (as a product) through your WHMCS and gain instant access to it
  • Client can add as many accounts to backup
  • Clients can add more backup space instantly if needed
  • Clients will get notification every time a backup is performed
  • Automated backup alerts notification to clients
  • Clients will be able to download each backup file through a special unique download URL

Requirements - Click Here

Compatible Company:

Live Demos:

  • Client Area Click Here
  • Admin Section Click Here User: Demos / Password: Demos

Compatible Templates:

Other Themes not full tested yet so I am not sure if it works or not. You can contact me first Click Here

WS Backup Module - View Screenshots

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The Backup Module Owned License. This module license is suitable if your business only uses one domain. Free support & updates for first year. Can be renewed by purchasing our unified Support and Updates plan to continue receiving support & updates on all our module releases - Optional Renewals @ $14.99 of year after that.

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Source code version can be installed on any number of domains provided you (your company) owns them. You are not allowed to sell or give away the module to others with out our permission. Free support & updates for first year. Can be renewed by purchasing our unified Support and Updates plan to continue receiving support & updates on this module releases - Optional Renewals @ $59.99 of year after that. Orders will be manually reviewed and activated within the next 8-24 hours.

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There is NO REFUND applied to source code or license version. If you have any questions or you are not sure about this module, you can email me here or talk to us via our live chat. Also, I will not knowingly provide our services to websites using nulled WHMCS.

As a customer, you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item on our website.

You will receive an email to verify your email address (NO FREE EMAIL ADDRESS). Orders are not processed if the email address has not been successfully verified. If our emails are rejected (bounced back), the Order will be deleted without notice.

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