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Client Name Virtual Machine Solutions LLC
Date Jun 05, 2016
Overall Testimonial Great Modules
Overall Rating
Client Name EndProxy
Date May 13, 2016
Overall Testimonial WHMCSServices is the masters of WHMCS custom template. I love the way he work. He helped me 24/7 with my website. Thank you again!
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Client Name
Date Apr 22, 2016
Overall Testimonial Thanks very much for your very quick response to our request of Custom work our WHMCS installation! I appreciate it.
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Client Name New York Nautical Cadets
Date Mar 24, 2016
Overall Testimonial For the record, I love everything about WHMCS Services, and the support is unbelievable. :) Great company. Thanks again,
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Client Name Hosting022
Date Mar 09, 2016
Overall Testimonial Cheap and good Modules
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Client Name HypernetVPN
Date Mar 09, 2016
Overall Testimonial I ordered a custom whmcs module, gave my specifications and requirements and they got it one click! next day they gave me the sample script and it works! Highly recommended and trusted. Gives you peace of mind and great support. WHMCSServices is the best!
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Client Name EWD
Date Mar 04, 2016
Overall Testimonial Had a great experience with WS's development work. Daniel is very nice to work with. Exceeded our expectations.
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